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Melksham Without Parish Council
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Council Meeting Minutes

All parish council meetings are recorded and published on YouTube following the meeting. You can access the parish councils YouTube channel by following the link Melksham Without Parish Councils YouTube Channel OR search @melkshamwithoutparishcounc5492 to access our channel.

The recordings will be deleted once the minutes have been approved at the next Full Council meeting. You can find the minutes of the meeting once approved by clicking on the relevant minute year below.

Council Meeting Minutes - 2012

Please select from the following council meetings
DateMeetingMinutesAssociated Documents
Mon 9th Jan 2012Staffing Committee
Mon 9th Jan 2012Planning Committee
Mon 16th Jan 2012Bowerhill Sports Field Working Party
Mon 16th Jan 2012Allotment Committee
Mon 23rd Jan 2012Full Council
Mon 6th Feb 2012Planning Committee
Mon 6th Feb 2012Bowerhill Jubilee Sports Field Forum
Mon 20th Feb 2012Full Council
Mon 5th Mar 2012Planning Committee
Mon 19th Mar 2012Short Council Meeting
Mon 19th Mar 2012Annual Parish Meeting
Mon 2nd Apr 2012Planning Committee
Mon 16th Apr 2012Full Council
Mon 30th Apr 2012Planning Committee
Mon 30th Apr 2012Bowerhill Sports Field Working Party
Mon 21st May 2012Annual Council
Mon 28th May 2012Finance (Grants) Committee
Mon 11th Jun 2012Bowerhill Sports Field Working Party
Mon 11th Jun 2012Planning Committee
Mon 18th Jun 2012Full Council
Wed 27th Jun 2012Bowerhill Joint Sports Field Forum
Mon 2nd Jul 2012Staffing Committee
Mon 2nd Jul 2012Allotment Committee
Mon 16th Jul 2012Planning Committee
Mon 23rd Jul 2012Full Council
Mon 13th Aug 2012Planning Committee
Mon 10th Sep 2012Full Council
Mon 1st Oct 2012Bowerhill Sports Field & Pavilion Management Committee
Mon 15th Oct 2012Full Council
Mon 29th Oct 2012Special Planning Committee
Mon 12th Nov 2012Finance (Budget) Committee
Mon 12th Nov 2012Allotment Committee
Mon 19th Nov 2012Planning Committee
Mon 19th Nov 2012Bowerhill Jubilee Sports Field Forum
Wed 28th Nov 2012Bowerhill Sports Field Joint Management Forum
Mon 10th Dec 2012Full Council

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Please Note - Council meeting minutes are not published until they have been approved at the following meeting