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Parish Council defibrillators:

Melksham Without Parish Council has nine community access defibrillators located at various locations around the parish. These locations are as follows:

·       Beanacre: In the porch outside of St Barnabas Church, Beanacre, SN12 7PT

·       Bowerhill: Bowerhill Sports Pavilion, SN12 6TL (on side of building)

·       Bowerhill: Halifax Road, Bowerhill, SN12 6SN (On dedicated yellow post on left hand side outside of entrance gate to Bowerhill Village Hall)

·       Bowerhill: Pathfinder Way, Bowerhill, SN12 6YP (On dedicated yellow post on left hand side driving up to Bowerhill near to the bus shelter)

·       Bowerhill: The Pilot Pub, Bowerhill, SN12 6TA (On the external wall to the left of the main entrance doors)

·       Berryfield: Berryfield Village Hall, Berryfield, SN12 6GF (On external side wall of the village hall facing bungalow side)

·       Berryfield: The New Inn pub, Semington Road, Berryfield, SN12 6DT (On the external side wall of the pub on the opposite side to the side road and car park)

·       Shaw: Shaw Village Hall, Shaw, SN12 8EP (On the external wall of the Village Hall facing car park and road)

·       Whitley: Whitley Reading Rooms, Whitley, SN12 8QR (On the external wall to the right of the main entrance)

In an emergency, please ring 999, where you will be triaged and, if required, will be given directions to the nearest defibrillator. The access code to the defibrillator cabinet number pad will then be given to you over the phone. No training is required to use one of these devices, as they are made for community use, and the device will provide you with all of the instructions you need, including voice and screen instructions showing you what to do. It is important to know that a defibrillator cannot harm anyone; if the patient does not require it, the device will identify this and not proceed with defibrillation.

All of our defibrillators are registered with the South West Ambulance Trust and are regularly checked by our volunteers to ensure that there are no issues with them. Each defibrillator cabinet has a green light, which shows that the electricity supply to the cabinet is working.

If you see that they have been tampered with or a red rather than green light is showing, please call Melksham Without Parish Council immediately on 01225 705700 or 07341 474234 (out of hours).

All of the parish council defibrillators are registered on the National Defibrillator Database

Photo of defibrillator cabinet

Photo of defibrillator inside of cabinet